How To Copy And Paste On A Samsung Tablet?

Do you own a Samsung tablet and face difficulties when it comes to performing simple copy-and-paste tasks? We all understand the significance of copy-and-paste functionality in our everyday digital routines.

Copying and pasting is a fundamental skill that allows you to perform various tasks effortlessly. Copying and pasting help share snippets of text, bookmark URLs, and duplicate images.

Once you acquire proficiency in this area, you’ll realize how indispensable it truly is.

However, there’s no need to worry, my dear colleague, because I’m here to guide you on how to copy and paste on a Samsung Tablet. So, that you will quickly become proficient in this skill.

Together, we will explore all the essential aspects, which include selecting the desired text or content, navigating through the options menu, and seamlessly pasting it into your desired location.

How To Copy And Paste On A Samsung Tablet? Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1

Open the app or screen containing the words you want to copy on your Samsung tablet.

Step 2

Locate the specific word or text you want to copy. Take a moment to find the exact word or text you wish to copy within the app or screen.

Step 3

By pressing and holding your finger on the word, you initiate the process of selecting the text for copying.

Step 4

To copy only the selected word, tap on the “Copy” option that appears in the menu. 
The process involves pressing and holding down on the specific word you want to work with. As a result, a menu will pop up, presenting you with a range of choices to explore. 
One of these options is labeled “Copy.” By tapping on this option, you effectively duplicate the selected word and store it in the clipboard for future use.

Step 5

If you wish to copy more than one word or a more significant portion of text, you need to expand the selection.

Step 6

Hold down on the word you want to start the selection from until you see two small bubbles appear on either side of the word. These bubbles are used to adjust the selection.

Step 7

Drag the right-hand bubble to the right and downward to highlight the remaining text you want to copy. You can extend the selection to include more text.

Step 8

If you need to include text preceding the initial selection, drag the left-hand bubble to the left.

Step 9

Once you have chosen the text you want to use, you can click on the “Copy” option in the menu to copy the entire selected text.

Step 10

If you want to copy an entire email or a larger portion of text, there’s an alternative method to achieve that.
By holding down any word again, a menu will appear with various options. Tap the “Select all” opportunity to highlight the entire email or text.

Step 11

To copy the entire email or text to the clipboard, select all the text and then click on the “Copy” option in the menu.

Step 12

Once you have copied the desired words or text, you can proceed to the intended location for pasting.

Step 13

Next, open an application or screen that enables text input. This could be a note-taking app, a fresh email, or a text message.

Step 14

Tap on the specific location within the app or screen to insert the copied text. This will place the cursor in that position.

Step 15

When the keyboard is displayed on the screen, you might notice a compact symbol positioned above it, indicating the option to paste and reveal the starting portion of the copied text. Depending on your device and settings, an icon may appear above the keyboard with a paste symbol and the beginning of the copied text.

Step 16

 If it appears, you can tap on this button to paste the text exactly where the cursor is located.

Step 17

If the paste icon does not appear automatically, long-press on the cursor (the text input area) for a second, and a menu will appear.

To access the appropriate menu, perform a long press on the cursor, and subsequently select the “Paste” option. By doing so, the text that was copied will be inserted at the current position of the cursor.

Step 18

Congratulations! The copied text is now successfully pasted into the desired location within the app or screen.
Remember that the appearance and behavior may vary slightly depending on your specific Samsung device and its version.