How To Clean A Tablet Screen?

Do you find yourself squinting to read your tablet screen because it’s covered in smudges, fingerprints, and other residue? 

Do you feel like you’re constantly wiping your screen with no success? Well, fear not my fellow tech lovers, because I’ve got the solution for you! 

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to clean a tablet screen with ease using 2 methods.

How To Clean A Tablet Screen?

How To Clean A Tablet Screen? A Step-By-Step Guide!

Method 1: Cleaning a Tablet Screen Using EnDust Wipes and a Microfiber Cloth

1. Gather Supplies

Obtain the necessary cleaning supplies – Endust for the electronics (View at Amazon) screen electronics surface cleaning wipes and a microfiber cloth (View at Amazon).

2. Turn off the Tablet

Make sure the tablet is turned off and unplugged from any power source.

3. Clean the Screen with an EnDust Wipe

Take an EnDust wipe and gently wipe the screen to remove any fingerprints or residue.

4. Dry the Screen with Microfiber Cloth

Once the screen is clean, take a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen with light pressure to dry it and prevent smudging or smearing.

5. Continue Wiping Until the Screen is Dry 

Keep wiping the screen with the microfiber cloth until it is completely dry and free of any streaks or smudges.

6. Check for Remaining Residue

Turn on the tablet and check for any remaining smudges or residue. Microfiber cloth and end dust wipe can be used again if any are found during the cleaning process.

7. Dispose of End Dust Wipe and Store Microfiber Cloth

When finished, dispose of the end dust wipe and store the microfiber cloth in a clean, dry place for future use.

Method 2: Cleaning A Tablet Screen With A Distilled Water And Dish Soap Solution Using A Microfiber Cloth

1. Gather Supplies

The cleaning supplies you will need are – a microfiber cloth, a small spray bottle filled with distilled water, and a few drops of dish soap.

2. Turn off the tablet 

Unplug the tablet from any power source and turn it off.

3. Spray the Solution

Spray the microfiber cloth with distilled water and dish soap. Do not spray the solution directly onto the tablet screen.

4. Clean the Screen

Avoid pressing too hard or using excessive force when wiping the screen with the dampened microfiber cloth. Look for areas with visible fingerprints, smudges, or residue.

5. Dry the Screen

Clean the screen again with a dry portion of the microfiber cloth and dry it completely.

6. Check for Remaining Residue

Check for smudges or residue on the tablet once it is turned on. If any are found, repeat the cleaning process using the dampened microfiber cloth.

7. Store Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth should be stored in a clean, dry place once it has been used.

What To Avoid When Cleaning A Tablet Screen?

When cleaning a tablet screen, it is important to avoid the following:

1. Abrasive Materials

Avoid using any abrasive materials such as paper towels, or rough cloths. These materials can scratch the surface of the screen and damage it.

2. Harsh Chemicals

Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaning solutions such as window cleaner or ammonia-based products. These can damage the screen’s protective coating or even the screen itself.

3. Water Damage

Avoid getting moisture inside the tablet or its ports. Only use a small amount of cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth to prevent excess liquid from seeping into the device.

4. Applying Too Much Pressure

Do not apply too much pressure when cleaning the screen. Pressing too hard can damage the screen or cause it to crack.

5. Cleaning While Turned On 

Do not attempt to clean the screen while the device is turned on or charging. This can cause an electric shock or damage the device. Before cleaning a tablet, make sure it is disconnected from any power source and turned off.